All D.W. Profile Pictures by Modj
September 13th, 2017, 10:09 pm

These two are Original Characters or OC's. I say this so you won't bother looking them up on the arthur wikia.

If you didn't know the is Portia Demwiddy

Another OC.

Rubella, Madison, and Catherine


Another OC.

Both OC's


Ansel and Angie Vanderloo



The child is an OC

D.W. Season 1 by Modj
September 13th, 2017, 1:45 pm

Just re-uploading this for contrast (before-and-after type deal, y'know?) and because I'd thought I'd lost this file (had some CPU trouble a while ago). Also it's going to become somewhat relevant again after number 100 goes up. ;)

"Season"? That's just what I called my 'art-upgrades' in my head; this was the style that the D.W. strip had for the first 10 before I changed the ink and coloring. Now that I think about it, it was really more like a "pilot" than a whole season....what's more, though that art-shift started at number 10 I really consider strip 16 the real 'start' of "Season 2" since that's when D.W. got her new outfit.

First Appearance:http://dwcomics.smackjeeves.com/comics/2490286/likeability/
D.W. Season 2 by Modj
September 13th, 2017, 1:40 pm

This would've been my dream spin-off/sequel series for Arthur. I know some tend to look down on 'time-skips' (I liked All Grown Up...or at least the idea of it) but just think of how perfect a four year jump would be: Arthur and the gang are 12 and such; 'practically adults' and having to deal with the "wonders" of puberty, middle-school and that whole...scene.

Meanwhile D.W (who would be the main focus and headliner)and her friends are now 8 - the original crews' ages - letting us see things from their perspective.
I'll just give a general 'gist' of the main crew and leave the details for later in the comic.
Listing from left-to-right:

Bud Compson
Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Sports
Quote: "Sure, I'd be happy to help!"
Notable Associates: Chiekh [Not Pictured] (Rival) / Liam (Best Friend) / Francine [Not Pictured] (Role Model/Coach)

Vicita Molina
Age: 7+
Favorite Pastime: Spreading the news
Quote: "You'll never believe what I just heard!"
Notable Associates: Emily (Role Model) / Timmy (Secret Crush)

Timmy Tibble
Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Pranks
Quote: "What's that on your shirt?"
Notable Associates: Tommy (Rival/Best Friend) / James (Favorite Target)

Tommy Tibble
Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Spouting trivia
Quote: "I'd say 'Don't be jealous', but why ask the impossible?"
Notable Associates: Timmy (Rival/Best Friend) / Emily (Secret Crush)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Keeping up-to-date with trends
Quote: "Late or early: As long as you're something "fashionably", who needs a watch?"
Notable Associates: D.W. (Best Friend) / Muffy (Role Model) / Vicita (Protege)

D.W. Read
Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Thinking big
Quote: "I'll try anything once! ...Unless - y'now - I don't want to."
Notable Associates: Emily (Best Friend/Confidant) / James (Complicated) / The Tibbles (Lackeys)

James MacDonald
Favorite Pastime: Slipping under the radar
Quote: "Uh...OK, sure. If you think so..."
Notable Associates: Molly [Not Pictured] (Confidant) / Tommy (Friend) / D.W. (Complicated)

Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Overachieving
Quote: "No problem!"
Notable Associates: D.W. (Secret Role Model) / Lisa (Rival) / Liam (Weird)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Cooking
Quote: "Don't knock it till you try it!"
Notable Associates: Bud (Friend/ Culinary Guinea Pig) / David Read (Role Model) / Sarah (Weird)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Winning
Quote: "Hey, you tried your best...the problem is: So did I!"
Notable Associates: Lucy (Best Friend/ Confidant/ Lackey) / D.W. (Rival) / Sarah (Rival) / Emily (Friendly Rival)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Encouraging others
Quote: "The most important thing is to have fun!"
Notable Associates: Lisa (Best Friend/ Confidant/ Boss) / Bud (Secret Crush)

First Appearance:http://dwcomics.smackjeeves.com/comics/2490310/overdue/