D.W. Season 2 by Modj
September 13th, 2017, 1:40 pm

This would've been my dream spin-off/sequel series for Arthur. I know some tend to look down on 'time-skips' (I liked All Grown Up...or at least the idea of it) but just think of how perfect a four year jump would be: Arthur and the gang are 12 and such; 'practically adults' and having to deal with the "wonders" of puberty, middle-school and that whole...scene.

Meanwhile D.W (who would be the main focus and headliner)and her friends are now 8 - the original crews' ages - letting us see things from their perspective.
I'll just give a general 'gist' of the main crew and leave the details for later in the comic.
Listing from left-to-right:

Bud Compson
Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Sports
Quote: "Sure, I'd be happy to help!"
Notable Associates: Chiekh [Not Pictured] (Rival) / Liam (Best Friend) / Francine [Not Pictured] (Role Model/Coach)

Vicita Molina
Age: 7+
Favorite Pastime: Spreading the news
Quote: "You'll never believe what I just heard!"
Notable Associates: Emily (Role Model) / Timmy (Secret Crush)

Timmy Tibble
Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Pranks
Quote: "What's that on your shirt?"
Notable Associates: Tommy (Rival/Best Friend) / James (Favorite Target)

Tommy Tibble
Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Spouting trivia
Quote: "I'd say 'Don't be jealous', but why ask the impossible?"
Notable Associates: Timmy (Rival/Best Friend) / Emily (Secret Crush)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Keeping up-to-date with trends
Quote: "Late or early: As long as you're something "fashionably", who needs a watch?"
Notable Associates: D.W. (Best Friend) / Muffy (Role Model) / Vicita (Protege)

D.W. Read
Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Thinking big
Quote: "I'll try anything once! ...Unless - y'now - I don't want to."
Notable Associates: Emily (Best Friend/Confidant) / James (Complicated) / The Tibbles (Lackeys)

James MacDonald
Favorite Pastime: Slipping under the radar
Quote: "Uh...OK, sure. If you think so..."
Notable Associates: Molly [Not Pictured] (Confidant) / Tommy (Friend) / D.W. (Complicated)

Age: 8
Favorite Pastime: Overachieving
Quote: "No problem!"
Notable Associates: D.W. (Secret Role Model) / Lisa (Rival) / Liam (Weird)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Cooking
Quote: "Don't knock it till you try it!"
Notable Associates: Bud (Friend/ Culinary Guinea Pig) / David Read (Role Model) / Sarah (Weird)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Winning
Quote: "Hey, you tried your best...the problem is: So did I!"
Notable Associates: Lucy (Best Friend/ Confidant/ Lackey) / D.W. (Rival) / Sarah (Rival) / Emily (Friendly Rival)

Age: 8+
Favorite Pastime: Encouraging others
Quote: "The most important thing is to have fun!"
Notable Associates: Lisa (Best Friend/ Confidant/ Boss) / Bud (Secret Crush)

First Appearance:http://dwcomics.smackjeeves.com/comics/2490310/overdue/